Hydraulic Tiles

Synonymous with decoration, tradition and art, hydraulic tiles have become one of the most demanded options as flooring or ceramic flooring for all types of interior design projects, both exterior and interior.

Always full of motifs, hydraulic tiles are the perfect solution for creating spaces with their own character. A style that, above all, feels comfortable in kitchens and bathrooms, but that has also crossed the limits of other rooms such as dining rooms, living rooms, entrances, terraces and corridors.

What are the
Hydraulic Tiles?


If you have ever wonderedwhat are hydraulic tiles? Here we explain it to you.

The original hydraulic tiles, or also called hydraulic tiles, date back to the 19th century and were pieces, generally 20×20 cm, composed of pigmented cement and manufactured with hydraulic dams to compress the cement without the need for firing. Thus creating highly porous tiles to which a waterproofing layer was applied. The result? Handcrafted pieces that gained relevance thanks to their spectacular decorations and colors.

This type of hydraulic tile was very popular in the interior design projects of homes, stores, hotels and restaurants, thus becoming a milestone in the world of decoration in our country.

Hydraulic tiles are the history of our interior design and, for this reason, the ceramic sector has rescued their particular designs and has brought them back to life thanks to the most innovative technology. A perfect mix between the most traditional hydraulic decorations and the high properties of the most modern ceramics.

Characteristics of the
Hydraulic Ceramics


Perfect combination of design and quality.

Maintaining the main characteristic of traditional hydraulic tiles, today’s ceramics creates hydraulic wall and floor tiles with an endless number of motifs and decorations: floral, geometric hydraulic tiles, vegetal inspiration, arabesques… all of them combined with bright colors or neutral tones that soften the design.

The decorative possibilities are endless with hydraulic tiles, and the touch they bring to every room they decorate is always unique.

  • Increased durability.
  • Increased resistance.
  • Greater versatility in terms of colors, textures, formats, sizes, etc.
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Improved hygiene.
  • Greater adaptation to the environment, since nowadays we find hydraulic tiles for indoors and hydraulic tiles for outdoors.

The high performance and qualities of hydraulic ceramics mean that we can have hydraulic wall and floor tiles suitable for walls and floors in any space.

There are no limits to creativity anymore!

Hydraulic Tiles Bathroom

01 Azulejos Hidráulicos para Baño - Hydraulic Tiles

Nerja Series. 22,5X22,5 cm

Bathrooms are very demanding areas in terms of the quality of their materials. They require materials that resist humidity, water and are hygienic, easy to clean and resistant to the passage of time and use.

The traditional hydraulic bathroom tile did not have these qualities, but now you do not have to give up a hydraulic floor for your bathroom thanks to the new technologies of the ceramic industry; you can even find hydraulic tiles to decorate the inside of the shower.

Hydraulic Kitchen Tiles

The hydraulic tiles in black and white are the most demanded in the decoration of these spaces, especially for the backsplash area or front wall. They provide a risky and striking touch, but without leaving the comfort of neutral tones, colors that make it a timeless design that never goes out of fashion.

In addition to the black and white hydraulic tiles, the hydraulic pavement with worn and handcrafted finish is the other most chosen option for kitchen projects. Its handmade finish provides warmth, creating a cozy and comfortable space.

Ravenna series. 22,5X22,5 cm

The main advantage of the hydraulic kitchen tiles is that they adapt to any style, from the most minimalist, to the most modern and avant-garde, through the rustic, boho or even retro. You just have to choose the design that best fits your style.

02 Azulejos Hidráulicos para Cocina - Hydraulic Tiles

Tokyo series. 22,5X22,5 cm

Hydraulic Floor

04 Usos del suelo hidráulico  - Hydraulic Tiles

Boticelli series. 22,5X22,5 cm

Hydraulic flooring has a lot of presence and visual weight, so it is bound to become the center of attention in any design. If you prefer to make it stand out, but not overshadow the rest of the elements, we recommend using it as a pavement.

  • As a decorative plus. The hydraulic floor or ceramic hydraulic pavement is perfect if you need that extra decoration in a room that, as a whole, is minimalist or neutral. Opt for flashy decorations if you want an explosion of color, or choose soft tones if you prefer to maintain the sobriety of the space.


  • Delimitation of spaces. Decorate the hydraulic floor with different models of ceramic tiles to create, in a visual way, separation between functional areas. Using two models of hydraulic tiles is a great idea, since their decorations allow you to carry out a multitude of designs.


  • Ceramic carpet. Have you heard of ceramic carpets? They have the same visual effect as a textile carpet, but with the advantages of ceramics. They are easier to clean, easier to maintain and last longer. Among the options for creating a ceramic carpet, the hydraulic floor is the most successful choice.

Buy Hydraulic Tiles

Do you need hydraulic tiles for your decorative project?
In Azulejos Mijares we have a wide range of hydraulic tiles for all types of rooms.

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